MIAMI -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to address sanctuary cities in his speech to be delivered in Miami.

His speech is expected to be met with protest, who will likely gather en masse around the Port of Miami.

Sessions is also expected to address the trend of violent crimes in sanctuary cities, according to CBS Miami.He may also praise Miami-Dade leaders for their work in capturing local inmates for deportation.

Miami has never been officially declared a sanctuary city, but President Obama's administration is said to have put the county on notice of a change to a sanctuary city.

“Mayor Gimenez and Miami-Dade County have been working with the Department of Justice since President Obama was in office when the Obama administration declared that we may be a sanctuary community and at risk of losing federal funds, millions of dollars of federal funds,” said Miami-Dade County Communications Dir. Michael Hernandez. “We worked with the Obama administration, then we worked with the Trump administration.”

This has caused concern for some protesting the move towards local police enforcing laws against illegal immigration.

For more information, check out the CBS Miami article.