Attorney John Morgan thanked the people of Florida for their votes supporting Amendment 2 and hedged on a future run for the Florida governorship in a letter posted to Medium on Thursday.

He's considering it, but wrote the "obvious drawbacks and hurdles" in balancing "the personal and the practical" reasons to reach for the Tallahassee seat that could be vacated by Gov. Rick Scott should he accept a position in Washington with President-elect Donald Trump's organization or when Scott's term ends in 2018.

That didn't stop Morgan for detailing an early platform to legalize marijuana, restoring voter rights to non-violent felons, protecting the environment and more. He even took aim at abolishing the Lieutenant Governor and Agricultural Commissioner positions.

But the political win he helped instigate in Florida in 2016 may not be enough to launch him from his lucrative spot as one of the most powerful and recognized litigators in the nation or from his family obligations.

"I'm not ready to decide what I want my legacy to be. It might just be, 'he was true to himself, passed medical marijuana in Florida and had fun being a granddad for the rest of his life," Morgan writes.

In closing, Morgan writes that the 7!% approval of Amendment 2 could be a defining moment for his life but does not signal the end of his journey. He's got shopping lists to finish and a vacation in the Caribbean up next. But "the next chapter" he is not sure of.