Survey says... A lot of Floridians lack a basic understanding of the political system in the United States. Dr. Bruce Anderson of Florida Southern College and his students conducted the survey.

When asked questions like, “How long is a U.S. Senator’s term?” or “How many U.S. Senators are there?” more than half of the people who participated in the survey either answered incorrectly or said they didn’t know (Answers: Six years and 100).

The poll also found only about 50 percent of people know who would become the new POTUS if both the President and Vice President died.

Survey Spring 2017 Written Report

The answer to that question, by the way, is the Speaker of the House. Less than half of Floridians interviewed could name the current House Speaker (Hint: it’s Paul Ryan).

The good news is most Floridians know the state capital, according to the survey. About 90 percent of people interviewed correctly identified Tallahassee.

Floridians of all age ranges, political leanings and races were interviewed for the survey. About 78 percent of them said they’re registered voters.

"It doesn't matter what ideological stamp you may have, you may be a conservative or a moderate or a liberal, you could be picking a real lunatic for the job and not know, because you don't know what the job is," Anderson said.

Anderson added that voters need to do their research, and students should be required to take at least one civics or government course.