ST. PETERSBURG — President Trump has been making good on his promises to undo regulations set by his predecessor.

Just a few of the Obama-era decisions he's undone:

  • Restrictions on controversial pipelines.
  • Internet privacy regulations.
  • State funding for planned parenthood.
  • And efforts to stop global warming.

That includes taking the U-S out of something called the Paris Climate Agreement.

The president hasn't made his decision official, but this is what the change would mean.

So, just a reminder - this was a campaign promise for President Trump. Pull out of the "job killing" Paris Climate agreement.

The agreement is to try and curb global warming by reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

More than 190 countries have signed on. That's nearly all of the countries on the planet.

Only Syria and Nicaragua have said they're not for it. Nicaragua said so because it doesn't go far enough to reduce emissions.

Let me put this into perspective for you: President Trump wants to pull out of this agreement, but even crazy dictators testing ballistic missiles and threatening to kill us - North Korea, anyone? Even they say the world needs to tackle the climate problem.

So what happens if we do pull out.

“If we leave, other countries can retaliate and put carbon import taxes on us on our exports to their countries,” said political strategist Barry Edwards.

“So there could be an economic disadvantage there. It's not gonna be practical because we are about a quarter of the worlds in missions are about a quarter of the world's pollution. So, if we are out we're not gonna be able to get the advantages we need to have done.”

“For you skeptics out there,” Edwards said, “our own defense department says this is going to cost us tens of billions of dollars a year in maintenance on our naval bases and other military facilities because of climate change and sea level rise. So you can believe that man has an impact (on climate change) or not, but anything we can mitigate is that important. Miami Beach, St. Petersburg where I live could be underwater in 50 years.”

It already doesn't look like the countries who've gone all in on reducing emissions are on track.

But, if we end up pulling out of the agreement - India and China - the world's other largest polluters - say they're staying in and will take the lead.