MANATEE, Fla. - President-elect Donald Trump is weeks away from being sworn in but some of his campaign promises are already making many in the Hispanic community nervous.

Trump's victory has some concerned about their futures like Angelica, a Mexican immigrant with two American-born children.

Angelica says, “I think we are all very scared…including those who will be deported…who will have to leave their children behind and leave everything here. All their work, their effort and desire for a better life, have to forget all about it.”

What does she think of Trump’s plan to deport undocumented parents of American-born children?

She says, “The children have their rights. But you’ll have to take them with you. Sadly, (in Mexico) they don’t have what they need. We’re hoping and praying that doesn’t happen.”

Angelica says deporting illegals will tear apart families, including hers. “The kids would be devastated,” she says.

Deporting illegals, she says, will backfire on the American economy because immigrants buy a lot of products, too.

Despite Trump’s remarks about immigrants, Angelica loves America.

She says, “We don’t have a lot. I’m grateful to this country for what we have and been given, including our children.”

What’s her message to President-elect Trump?

“Please have some compassion. I hope God softens his heart.”