Distress signal or wardrobe mistake? White House press secretary Sean Spicer walked into the briefing room Friday with his American flag lapel pin upside down.

Even though conspiracy theories were flying wild online, it looks like it was an honest mistake—not an SOS signal to reporters.

Spicer started the briefing by recapping President Trump’s first 50 days in office, but it was hard for reporters in the room—and people watching on TV—to take their eyes off the flipped stars and stripes.

After he finished his prepared speech, Fox News reporter John Roberts pointed out his pin.

“John Roberts, always helping me with the fashion tips,” Spicer joked. “Thank you, I appreciate that,” he said while turning the flag around.

Another reporter wondered whether the pin was a promo for the upcoming new season of "House of Cards,” which features an upside-down American flag as its logo.

“No, there’s not promo,” Spicer said laughing.

But the folks at "House of Cards" beg to differ.

"Your loyalty has not gone unnoticed," the show tweeted.

The joking in the press briefing room didn’t stop people on Twitter from having fun with the flag flub.