A state judge in Nevada denied a request from the Donald Trump campaign to issue a court order preserving names of poll workers over a complaint about what the campaign alleges were early voting irregularities.

Clark County District Court Judge Gloria Sturman said that doing so would subject poll workers to harassment:

"Do you watch Twitter? Have you watched any cable news show? There are internet trolls who could get this information and harass who people who just want to help their fellow citizens vote.

"Why would I order them to make available to you, information about people who work at polls, when it’s not already a public requirement to do so – so that those people can be harassed for doing their civic duty?

An attorney for the Trump campaign wanted to preserve records about late ballots on the last day of early voting at several locations around Las Vegas.

The campaign says it was illegal that people were able to vote after the polls were closed last Friday, but the county says it was accommodating voters who were already in line.