ST. PETERSBURG — Call it Trumpcare, Ryancare, or its real name, the American Health Care Act --- it's not looking good for the president's first major piece of legislation.

The Republican proposal trashes the individual mandate, employer mandate, and most taxes.

10News is breaking down the future of the bill, and what it’s doing to the Republican Party.

We talked with Mike Fasano, who has spent the last 24 years in public service, all as a Republican.

Rivera: You know this party inside and out. And this healthcare bill is presenting a big issue for Republicans.

Fasano: It is in fact. It's not just speaker Paul Ryan in D.C. It's also the far right conservatives have great concern with it. But it's also the compassionate Republicans if you will, and I'll include myself in that. You can't just on a whim's notice take 20-plus million people out of the health care system.

Rivera: What is this doing to the Republican Party? What will it do if it doesn't pass?

Fasano: It puts themselves and the party in a very awkward position because you have three parts now within that party who are at very much at odds.

In my opinion, you have Speaker Ryan and his leadership team. I think you have President Trump, and recently his staff is saying we're not calling it “Trumpcare,” we're calling it “Ryancare,” which right away should tell you that he has concerns with the bill. Because remember, he ran on making it clear that he was not going to take away anyone's health care.

Rivera: What's the third?

Fasano: The third is compassionate Republicans that I just spoke about. But if this continues on - this fight - if they don't do something over the next few months and it just drags on, this certainly can move to the next year's election in 2018 and have a huge negative impact on Republican seats throughout the nation.