Polk County Sheriff’s Office K9 Recon didn’t get any pizza when he was sent into a Hungry Howie’s restaurant over the weekend. Instead, he locked his jaws on a suspected burglar, and it was all caught on surveillance camera.

A witness said he saw a man punching and kicking the pizza shop’s door until the glass broke early Sunday morning. The witness called 911, and minutes later deputies arrived.

Deputies said they told the man, later identified as Joseph Pellegrini, to get out of the pizza shop, or they’d send the K9 in. He stayed inside, and that’s when surveillance video shows K9 Recon running in and biting Pellegrini in the leg.

According to detectives, Pellegrini tried to strangle the K9. In the video, you see a deputy kick Pellegrini to make him stop.

"We don't kick people easy," Sheriff Grady Judd said. "If people need kicking, you kick them as hard as is necessary. He should've thought about all that before he broke in and before he started attacking our K9."

They arrested him and charged him with unarmed burglary, criminal mischief and injuring a police dog. He was also charged with attempted burglary, because a witness told detectives he tried to break in to the Chinese restaurant next to the Hungry Howie’s.

"We don't serve pizza at the jail, but we're going to serve him a cold sandwich three times a week," Judd said.