DUNDEE, Fla -- A man and woman are facing several charges after a teen was found injured and malnourished in the woods.

Kris Peters, 35, and Melissa Peters, 33, are both charged with aggravated child abuse, as well as other charges, related to the case

The investigation began on Wednesday when police say the victim was found by deputies hiding in a wooded area. She was found with multiple wounds, including open sores on the top of both feet, a stab wound on the right shoulder, bruising on her right eye, scratches and marks on her body and a bruised and swollen right eye. Deputies say she was also suffering from a fractured shoulder.

According to court records, she was taken to Winter Haven Hospital, where doctors determined the sores on her feet were two months old and infected. Doctors say she was also malnourished, to the point that some of her hair was falling out.

The victim told deputies she had been abused for months. She said the injuries to her feet were from being struck by a metal pipe and that the stab wound was from a pocket knife.

She also told deputies that food had been withheld from her and she was forced to urinate on herself and the floor because she wasn’t allowed to use the restroom. She also said she hasn’t bathed since March and hasn’t received medical attention for injuries.

When deputies talked to the Peters, they both said that the teen’s injuries were self-inflicted.

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