POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WTSP) -- It's a recyclable debacle. People in Polk County are being told they'll have to wait an entire month before they can recycle again.

The county said it sent out a mailer to about 145,000 homes so homeowners could request a new bin before the county switched to new trash pickup companies. Only about 45,000 people responded.

“I didn't remember anything about getting a new recycling bin or anything like that,” Gabrielle Quinones said.

A lot of people in her neighborhood missed the memo. They still only have the old bins, which means they're going to have to wait until Nov. 1 to get a new bin and start recycling again.

In another neighborhood, it’s a similar picture. Some people got the new bins and others didn't.

“I have our normal weekly five bins of recycling,” Darise McLouglin said, standing behind the old bins. “Now we have none.”

She said she never got anything in the mail.

“There could've been better ways to get the word out than just a mailer,” she explained.

Still, the county claims it did everything it could to let people know.

“I don't know how we could've made it any more clear,” said Mianne Nelson, a spokesperson for the county. “Direct mail to people's homes, social media and newspaper ads to encourage people to fill out their cards and send it back. That's the best we could do.”

You can request a new bin by phone or email. In the meantime, the county says to throw away your recyclables.

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