A Lake Alfred man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after leading police on a wild chase in a truck stolen from a Lowe’s store parking lot in Lake Wales, according to the Lake Wales Police Department.

The suspect, identified as Donald Howard Parsons, allegedly stole a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado while its owner was inside the store preparing to carry some purchases back to the vehicle. After police provided a description of the fleeing vehicle to other units, they found a truck matching its description at another parking lot at 4812 Timberlane Road, also in Lake Wales.

As officers approached the vehicle, Parsons drove the vehicle toward them while another suspect, Gregory Wayne Bobo, also of Lake Alfred, attempted unsuccessfully to board the truck on the passenger side. Bobo was arrested without incident. Parsons also allegedly fired at one of the officers at that point.

Units from both the Lake Wales Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office were involved in the subsequent pursuit of the truck, which went through several residential yards and struck a well. The driver traveled down U.S. Hwy. 27, where he finally exited the vehicle at the Bates Road intersection after stop sticks successfully punctured at least two of the vehicle’s tires.

The driver did not heed instructions from officers once he was on foot, however, and police dog K9 Max was used to subdue him. Parsons was arrested there and will be charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, as well as a variety of other likely charges including firing upon an officer.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting the rest of the investigation.