Every year, we talk about warnings about pumpkin shortages – and often, they’re overblown.

But this year, the shortage is proving real – and it’s impacting beer.

The Denver Beer Company uses pumpkin to make a seasonal ale called “Hey Pumpkin.” Head Brewer Jason Buehler says when he contacted his pumpkin supplier this year, he was told there wasn’t any available.

So, he started asking around – and other brewers said they were running into the same problem.

“I know that we were told if we wanted to buy some more this year, that we wouldn’t have any available until the end of September or early October,” he said. “And with the season being over in October, and the beer taking three weeks to a month to produce, it didn’t really help us out.”

Fortunately, the Denver Beer Company had leftovers from last year.

Buehler says, as a brewer, this is the first time he’s ever had to deal with a pumpkin shortage – and he’s been doing it for 10 years.