TAMPA -- A woman says a road rage incident led to her puppy being stolen right out of her car at an intersection near the University of South Florida.

Laura Rodriguez told the Tampa Bay Times it happened near the University of South Florida on Wednesday. She says a dark-colored sedan with a man and woman in it cut her off. She says she could tell the driver of that car thought she was driving too slowly.

When the cars were stopped at the intersection of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and USF's Holly Drive, Rodriguez says the woman got out of the other vehicle and began to cuss and yell.

Before the light turned green, Rodriguez says the woman pulled her dog, Bella, out through the window and took off.

Fortunately, there's a happy ending to this nighmare.

Friday afternoon, the dog's owner heard from a friend that a puppy was found in Mort Playground Park in Lutz. It turned out to be Bella.

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