CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office will soon be unveiling new ‘safe center zones,’ where people can meet to conduct business or make exchanges. The initiative is the result of cases like the one of Billy Shuler, a retired minister and avid coin collector, who was found murdered in 2014.

Shuler was killed when he went to meet another man, Anthony Maresca, from whom he was planning to buy coins.

When Shuler didn’t return home, his wife contacted the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, which began an investigation. Shortly after, they found Shuler’s body. He had been fatally shot.

Maresca was arrested, and last month, convicted in Shuler’s murder.

In a victim impact statement, Shuler’s son, Dan, said “This sentence brings some form of peace to our family because now we know this animal cannot hurt other families like he did ours.”

Shuler’s wife of 51 years added, “The bullet went through his head and straight into my heart as he was everything to me.”

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office will be opening up the safe center zones soon. At this point, they’ve not said where they will be, but there will be video monitoring of each.