Sarasota, Fla. -- Controversial issues and passionate opinions have highlighted this election--one top topic--gun control.

An ad for a gun store in Sarasota has sparked a round of discussion on a closed Facebook group called Sarasota County Citizens.

An anniversary sale isn’t unusual. The Shoot Straight gun store in Sarasota is having one for its 37th year in business but four words in its Sunday ad “last sale before election” have triggered a firestorm of comment. “If Trump gets in the 2nd Amendment is safe. She’s (Hillary Clinton) gonna try to take it away it won’t work.”
Jude Britt says, “It’s tasteless.”

“I don’t think it’s tasteless, it’s their marketing strategy they’re free to do that,” adds Tamara Mills.

The ad has started a shootout about the 2nd Amendment on a closed Facebook group called Sarasota County Citizens. Some members use “sickening” “speechless” and “disgusting” to describe the ad. One member says “people are concerned and afraid” about this election.

“Advertising is subjective,” says Dave Ettinger a publisher. Ettinger says an ad’s meaning is up to one’s interpretation. He says, “It is technically … this is the last sale before the election next Tuesday.”

10News WTSP asked Shoot Straight’s owner what he meant by “last sale before election” but all he’d say off camera is he approved the ad.

“I think they’re trying to scare people into spending their money to get their guns before the election,” says Mills.

Taylor says, “I’m going in to buy a couple of guns right now.”

“It’s advertising, you should take it with a grain of salt,” says Ettinger. His suggestion, do your own research instead of using an ad to sway your position on gun laws.