A Lakeland high school student not only got to go to his senior prom, he got to do it in style, thanks to a school resource officer.

Darius, a senior at Lakeland, had been worried he wouldn’t have anything to wear or a ride to the big high school memory-making night.

That’s when resource Officer Dragon Leach stepped in. Officer Leach and Darius knew each other from bumping into each other most mornings on campus, and quickly learned they both had a love for ‘super cars.’

One morning while the two were talking, Darius mentioned his prom dilemma, and that’s when Officer Leach volunteered to give Darius in his loaded Nissan GT-R.

“He is one of the most kind-hearted students I’ve ever met,” said Leach. “He is loved by everyone on campus and I was honored to drive him to the prom. Every kid should have the opportunity to attend their big night.”

Reporter Grady Trimble is following this story today on 10News.