Patience has been a virtue when dealing with April the Giraffe; a lot of people across the country have been watching the zoo cam for weeks waiting for her to give birth. One South Carolina mom in Myrtle Beach decided to show her up.

Erin Dietrich, a mother of three, says she watches April on the zoo cam every night.

"I have pregnancy insomnia, I can’t sleep at night," Erin said, "so when I’m up at night I’m just like, 'hmm, let me just check April and see if she’s had her baby yet!'"

Erin said she seems to be alone in her excitement. "My husband and all my friends are like, 'what is your obsession with this giraffe?'" Erin laughed.

Scott Dietrich, Erin's Husband, says he really does not understand. "I just found out April was a giraffe that was pregnant," Scott said.

Seeing his wife's excitement, though, gave him the idea to buy a giraffe mask. Two days and $16 later, the two decided to take the mask and make their own baby cam.

"First I kind of just walked around because that’s the video of her, she's kind of just walking around," Erin said. "Then I did some squats, some lunges, we’re dancing a little bit, just hanging out!"

"We were going to do it for one minute, but I saw that people were really starting to watch Erin with the giraffe mask so I was like ok, keep going," Scott said.

"I’m telling you it was not premeditated, this morning I’m like, 'God, I would’ve planned that better if I knew it would’ve turned into this,'" Erin said.

The Dietrichs said it has come with its criticism. "Just, you know, 'why are you doing this, why are you making fun of a giraffe,'" Erin said.

But Erin said they’re just a wacky family of five, soon to be six, who’s happy to have made some smiles.

"Just having fun and trying to humor myself the last few days of this pregnancy," Erin laughed.

Erin said they will be having a son named Porter. Since she can’t name her son April, she’s hoping maybe April will name her baby after him.