A woman who lives near Lake Conroe is suing the property owner’s association she once headed.

At issue is a sinkhole she’s afraid may swallow up her home.

“My biggest fear is safety,” said retiree Sue Horne.

She’s afraid continued erosion will eat away more of her property and possibly her home of 15 years. Cracks in a retaining wall have already appeared.

“I always enjoyed listening for the rainfall in the evenings or whatever,” Horne said. “And, now, with every drop of rain, I shudder to think how much more of my property is going into Lake Conroe.”

Horne recently filed a lawsuit against the Grand Harbor Property Owner’s Association. It’s a POA she once presided over and to which she still belongs.

So, in a way, she’s suing herself.

“It’s the most difficult decision I’ve ever made,” Horne said. “I’ve never sued anyone in my life, never been sued.”

Horne says the problem started two years ago as a drainage line issue. Her lawsuit claims further erosion happened when the POA paid to install a larger pipe that drains into the lake.

Horne says the board of directors admitted there was a “danger to our residents” in a letter she received last December.

Needed repairs were also promised, according to a copy of the letter Horne provided.

“That’s all I’ve ever really asked them to do, is fix it,” Horne said. “And, so far, nothing.”

She says the POA installed plastic barriers to try and keep kids and others from accessing the sinkhole while it awaits permanent repairs.

The attorney who represents the POA would not comment on pending litigation.