A push of a button, a spin of the wheels and a friendship is up in smoke.

According to The Miami Herald, that's what happened at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood recently.

There are two versions of the story. The first version comes from Jan Flato, who says on Jan. 31  he was putting money in Double Top Dollar slot machine and letting Marina Medvedeva Navarro spin the wheels.

The machine is $50 a spin.

The lights went on, the bells rang, and there was a $100,000 jackpot.

But according to casino rules, it isn't who put the money in the machine who wins. It's whoever spun the wheels. 

So Navarro got the money. Flato said he didn't get anything, and he hasn't heard from her since.

Navarro's version is quite different. She said she was playing with her own money, and she even made an effort to share the winnings.

She also said Flato knew the rules of the casino about who would get the money.

She said he has sent her insulting and threatening texts and emails. Flato doesn't deny sending them.

“I never thought it would turn into such a disaster,” Navarro said.

For more, read the Herald story.