ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A Rock Hill veterinarian has an unusual day at the job after performing surgery on a snake after the snake swallowed a golf call.

“The snake was taller than I am," said Blaire Earhart, a nurse at Central Carolinas Animal Hospital. Earhart is about 5-foot-4. “It was about 5-foot-9.”

Dr. Robin LePardo took the snake in after she noticed it had swallowed a “foreign object.”

Out of 10 years as a veterinarian, this was a first for her.

“I did a lot of research," said Dr. LePardo. “Yes, this was my first snake surgery.”

That did not stop the determined staff from saving the snake’s life. The staff put the snake to sleep and removed the golf ball within 25 minutes.

“We gave her an injection of some pain medication and maintained her on isoflurane,” said Dr. LePardo.

“While it was under anesthesia, I ventilated for the snake and helped it breathe," said Earhart as she giggled. “That was my first time and it was definitely different.”

Dr. LePardo said she is just happy to keep the circle of life in the rotation.

“I didn’t want to see it die and suffer. Good snakes such as the rat snake will eat venomous snakes and keep the rodent population under control.”

Dr. LePardo named the snake Happy Gilmore and after four weeks of recovery. Happy Gilmore was released back into the wild far away from any golf courses.