Meet Nick Cardello and his longtime partner and now husband, Kurt English. The couple recently recreated a photo from the March on Washington in 1993. This weekend, they'll be at the St. Petersburg Pride Parade.

The side-by-side photos of the Tampa couple have been shared, written about and published all across social media.

“It’s just us,” said English. “I think our family and friends are still thinking why we went viral, too."

As far as the biggest changes they've noticed in the past 24 years..

“When we were at the march in 1993, the primary focus was gay and lesbian rights,” said English. “Juxtapose that 93 against the march we went to this year. It was a lot more diverse."

“It was more of a march for equality for everybody for everybody," said Cardello.

“We live in an amazing country and time, but there's still work to be done,” English said. “Small example is workplace protection. There are no protections in state or federal for LGBT Americans."

“Still no protections in housing,” added Cardello. “People can be thrown out from their apartment for being gay so that's a concern for us, too."

While the image has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, they hope to leave people with this message…

“Love is possible,” said Cardello. “You know, don’t give up. And that it can last. There needs to be more pictures like this on Facebook so kids can identify with people falling in love and growing older together."
This weekend, more than 200,000 people will pack the streets of St. Petersburg for the 15th annual Pride parade. Five-thousands people will take part in the parade.