People in Andover, Kansas have a lot to say after a sign was put up at a local dog park banning all pit bulls.

Kayla Bishop was at the Andover Dog Park last month and noticed the new sign that read “No Pit Bulls Allowed.”

She posted on her Facebook page that she was very “confused and disheartened” by the ban. She asked people to share her post so she could gain understanding on the new rule.

This post got a lot of people talking and we found out Andover has some pretty strict rules for pit bulls in general.

The city code says all pit bulls are prohibited unless they fall under certain guidelines. Dogs that are allowed to stay in the city must be kept on a leash and muzzle if they are not in their kennel or pen. Owners must also have a sign on their property that says “Beware of Dog.”

To read the full list of requirements, click or tap here.

A recent article by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says dogs bite 4.5 million to 4.7 million people every year, killing 20 to 30 people a year. One in 5 bites become infected.

The article goes onto says some experts estimate pit bulls do half of all those bites. However, even though pits have such a high percentage, experts say it may have more to do with how popular pit bull breeds are and how they are trained and treated.