In the universe of Diana Prince, A.K.A Wonder Woman, her family lives on an island called Themyscira - an all women's island.

In an effort to create a unique event that mirrored that , the folks at Alamo Drafthouse created a women's only screening of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie on June 2nd. In an unexpected parallel to the plot of the upcoming film - they learned firsthand what happens when men stumble upon a women's only island (theater).

Creative Manager for Alamo, Morgan Hendrix said their initial intent was a fun, empowering showing - based around the movie.

"We asked ourselves, 'How do we create a land of Amazonian women? Well - we just hold a women's only screening!'" she said. "After all, she lives on a women's only island and comes from a land of women. This makes perfect sense."

But not everyone agreed with that sentiment. Within an hour, hundreds of comments on the announcement of the event some saying things like:

""Can you imagine the anger and outrage if a theater did an all male screening..." or " "Imagine the storm if there was any male only showing of any kind."

One man even offered to pay other men to pretend to identify as women to get in.

Hendrix said they knew there might be a bit of negative reception - but not to the level they received.

"The fact that we're getting a Wonder Woman movie when we've had years of other types of superhero movies," she said, "That's enough reason to celebrate."

While a number of comments seem to indicate disapproval of the event, many others are showing their support. Men and women alike writing their support to Alamo and even telling other posters to "pump the brakes" and support a film that is "long overdue."

At the time we spoke with Hendrix, the movie showing had nearly sold out and they were considering opening another theater for the event.