New cutting-edge therapies for people with chronic lung diseases are now available in the Tampa Bay area at the Lung Institute, located in downtown Tampa. The Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy offers patients another option outside of traditional treatments like inhalers, corticosteroids, nebulizers or oxygen. All of those temporarily treat symptoms and don’t address the progression of the disease.

Stem cell therapy uses your own body’s cells to get your lungs to work better. Jimmy St. Louis, CEO of the Lung Institute, says that 95 percent of patients have been happy with the results and said they would return. These patients report that “they have been given back their quality of life,” said St. Louis.

Stem cell therapy has been around and treating many types of diseases for years, but recent research shows there are definite benefits for using stem cell therapy for lung disease. Mayo Clinic researchers are also looking at options to use stem cell therapy for lung preservation, recellularization and stem cell biology. They are hoping this will lead to new therapies for many different lung diseases. Learn more in this article.

The Tampa Lung Institute’s goal is to make the patient as comfortable as possible with their treatment choices and offer them a wonderful patient experience. Patients are met by well-educated and comforting staff members, who truly empathize with them. Treatments are minimally invasive and outpatient over two days. More than 84 percent report an improved quality of life within three months of treatment. One such patient, “Thomas,” used to enjoy an active lifestyle, until he had terrible breathing problems where he couldn’t even put his clothes on without running out of breath. He credits the Lung Institute with giving him back the ability to be active again.

If you feel you have symptoms of lung disease, it’s important to catch it early and be seen by a doctor as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary. Consulting with a doctor may help you learn what may have caused your condition, and they may suggest preventative options to keep lung disease from getting worse. Lifestyle choices, most specifically smoking, are a main cause of most lung diseases, but there are also inflammatory issues that may have an effect. Your diet could also play a major role. Pay attention to your body. If your activity level decreases because of breathing issues, you should be checked out by a doctor.

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