GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A $250,000 Ferrari that was reported stolen out of Palm Beach County has been recovered in North Florida.

Gainesville police arrested 26-year-old Hilburn Jay Brendon Hunkins during a stop on State Road 93 near Gainesville.

A police officer saw two cars, the Ferrari and a red Corvette, driving side-by-side on the highway. The officer said the two drivers appeared to be talking to each other. The police officer had a license plate reader in his car and read the Ferrari's tag, which came back stolen. The tag on the Corvette was unreadable and the officer suspected it to be stolen as well.

The officer pulled over the Ferrari.

According to the arrest report, the driver told police the car belonged to a friend, but didn't know his full name or phone number to reach him. The officer told the driver that police had stopped the red Corvette down the road. The driver, according to police, began to give the name of the person in the red Corvette, but stopped short. In a later interview, the driver of the Ferrari told police he didn't want to incriminate himself. The officer noted in his report the driver tried to erase a phone number in his phone before the officer confiscated it.

Investigators with the Gainesville Police Department said the stolen car came back to Anthony Depaul, who reported it to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Hunkins, of Kissimmee, is facing a charge of grand theft.

This story originally appeared on WPEC's website.