LAKELAND, Fla. -- Polk County police say a man is dead after he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself after a brief chase with police.

Just before 11 p.m. on Thursday, police observed a suspicious vehicle in the area of Ingram Ave. and S. Road 98 in Lakeland. Police say the driver of the vehicle cut the officer off in traffic-- causing him to hit his breaks. The officer ran the tag of the vehicle and found out it was a stolen vehicle out of Winter Haven.

The officer followed the stolen vehicle until more assistance could arrive. At that time, he did not use his emergency lights because he didn't want to alert the driver.

Officers attempted to block the stolen vehicle to prevent a pursuit. The driver was able to maneuver the vehicle around the police cars and avoided being blocked in. The suspect then accelerated and fled to the Lakewood Terrace Apartments.

Once the suspect entered the main entrance, he tried to stop the vehicle and slid into a tree. He then fled into the apartment complex where one of the two passengers in the car lived.

When officers realized what apartment the man was in, they knocked on the door and gave several verbal warnings to come out. After no response, K-9s were released into the apartment and officers immediately heard a gunshot. When they were able to locate the suspect in a bedroom, they found a single gunshot to his forehead and the handgun lying underneath him, loaded with six additional rounds.

The man was transported to Lakeland Regional Hospital where he later died. He is identified as Dayoshis Carter, 19 of Auburndale.

The two additional passenger were taken into custody for questioning. Both passengers said they had been picked up earlier by Carter. The mother of the suspect was also interviewed and she stated that during the time frame, Carter called her and stated, "I'm not going to jail, I'm going to kill myself," and then hung up.

Carter has a total of 13 arrests that include:

• Simple Battery
• Resisting an Officer
• Theft
• Disorderly Conduct
• Possession of Marijuana
• Trespassing
• Aggravated Assault with a Weapon
• Homicide
• Weapon Offense
• Fleeing to Elude an Officer

Officers did not fire shots and were not injured during the incident. They say it is very unfortunate Carter decided to shoot himself instead of turning himself in.

The investigation is ongoing.