TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) – Officials in Tampa want to get a better grip on their response to flooding by installing sensor-based technology to warn residents and city workers about weather-related flood hazards in the roads.

According to Jean Duncan, transportation and stormwater services director for the City of Tampa, the sensors would be placed on roads and buildings to alert crews of flooded areas that need attention. Tampa’s “Smart City” plan says with the help of the Stormwater Services Division, the sensors could also be installed to predict where the worst flooding is most likely to happen.

“"The city of Tampa believes it's incredibly important to be on the cutting-edge of technology,” said Duncan. We want to use data, applications and technology to maximize, optimize how we are moving people and goods through our city."

The sensor technology could also be used in cars through connected vehicle technology, and data collected through sensors would also be sent via alerts to let drivers know of dangerous road conditions.

City officials have not said when the technology will be deployed, but say it is part of a larger project to create a technologically connected city. “The ‘Smart City’ initiative is a framework of actions and ideas that we’re working on to make sure our city progresses in a connected manner, so it’s something that will be continuing for some time, making incremental progress every day,” said Duncan.