Tampa, Fla. -- Well, we told you it was coming and now it's here.

“It's a miracle!” said Lauren Reingold, who just loves red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles.

Reingold was trying out the store’s new cupcake-dispensing ATM.

And although this was hardly her first time visiting Sprinkles ...

“Definitely not. I've been here way too many times,” she laughed. It was her first time trying out the machine that makes cupcakes available 24/7 at Tampa’s Hyde Park Village.

“Looks perfect,” said Reingold, after opening the box. Then – the real test. Taste.

“The cream cheese frosting is definitely my favorite. Nice and light. Definitely fresh,” she said smacking her lips.

20News WTSP asked more people taking advantage of the confectionery convenience whether what you get outside is as fresh as what you get in the store.

There was no shortage of folks ready to pay an extra 50 cents at the ATM for the novelty or convenience. And all of them said the same thing. The cupcake they had come to know inside was the same outside.

“Really, I'm surprised how good it is coming out of an ATM kind of thing. But, I really like it,” said customer Kelly Claytor.

“It tastes the same. So that's really good to know,” added her friend Taylor Yianakopolos.

This is Sprinkles 13th cupcake ATM nationwide, which the company says it restocks with fresh-baked cakes every 3-5 hours.

In most locations, they say the ATM’s end up selling as many cupcakes a day as they do in the store.