NEW YORK -- A 13-year-old girl trying to retrieve her cellphone after it fell onto New York City subway tracks has been struck and killed by a train, police said.

It happened at a station in the borough of Queens Sunday afternoon.

Police told CBS New York Deena Kadribasic was reaching the device when she was hit by the train.

The girl was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Some riders told CBS New York the girl’s actions were unwise.

“I’d rather have my life first – think about it. If you see your hand, that’s not your first phone, right? You could buy items and everything. What’s more important? Your life is more important.”

But before hearing the tragic story, some people said they would take the risk.

“I might go for it,” one woman told the station. “I would have to go for it. My phone is like my best friend.”