We call them fur babies. Poh the dog though, hasn't been a puppy in 15 years.

"Just like a lot of dog owners, he's like my kid," said Thomas Neil Rodriguez.

But just about a year ago, Rodriguez got the worst news. Poh had kidney failure and developed tumors.

"You could have days or you could have a year," Rodriguez said. "I thought I had a week with him the most."

It started with a mission to put Poh's paws in the Pacific. It grew into a road trip around the country. Poh's adventures became legendary on Instagram.

Over 125-thousand people follow his big adventure on the social media site.

"Given that timeline we were like we need to celebrate it, we need to live as much as we can while he's around," Rodriguez said.


Poh has pictures from New York to San Francisco and everywhere in between. With the year winding down, Rodriguez wanted Poh to have one last chance to dip his paws in the water. He brought his old friend to the Fort De Soto Dog Park.

"This is like perfect. This is probably what it is going to be like in doggy heaven for him. Waves crashing, sand on his paws," Rodriguez said.

It will probably be his last visit to the beach due to his failing health, but if you have a chance to check out Poh's Instagram, 2015 was pretty "paw-some."