PLANO – A veteran policewoman shot and killed a man after he struggled with another woman at the Quiktrip on Preston Road near Spring Creek Parkway Monday afternoon.

The shooting happened at 4:23 p.m. at the gas station located at 6400 Preston Road which is north of Spring Creek Parkway.

“We heard a pop then we ran because we knew it was a gun. Someone yelled gun,” recalled Brett Robinson, a witness who works next door at a carwash.

Robinson and his co-worker, Joshua Cotten, caught the aftermath on their iPhones.

“We saw the man laying down right behind the car with a gun in his hand – no movement. And then the officer kicked it out of his hand,” said Cotten.

The veteran policewoman wearing a uniform in a marked patrol vehicle and near the end of her shift was fueling up her own SUV when a white Nissan Sentra crashed into a pickup at a nearby pump.

The woman driving the Nissan jumped out. Then a man in the same sedan pulled a gun and witnesses said opened fire.

That’s when the policewoman is said to have stepped in and shot him.

“There’s no telling what the intent of this suspect was to the victim. I think the officer’s training and her skills involved in this was able to diffuse the situation and potentially save a life,” said Ofc. David Tilley. Plano Police spokesman.

The unidentified man was killed. His relationship to the woman he allegedly opened fire on is unclear.