GREENSBORO, NC – Admit it. Some of you reading this already started buying Christmas presents and decorations before Halloween was over.

It’s okay if you did, because you’re part of a growing majority known as the Christmas Creep crowd.

Jennifer Degaetano posted a comment on Halloween to Facebook, “I’ll be decorating this weekend for Christmas.” Carlette Jacquet also wrote on WFMY News 2’s Hope Ford’s Facebook, “At our store, Target, we set up for Christmas before Halloween is (sic) over.”

Poll on WFMY News 2 Twitter account.

Hobby Lobby mapped out a section for Christmas in the summer and Home Depot rolled out decoration early as well.

But not every store is jumping ahead and skipping holidays. Nordstrom prides itself on not decorating its stores until after Thanksgiving. But, their website, already has Christmas graphics adorning the site in the "holiday gifts" section.

Christmas creep happens when retailers start stocking holiday related items earlier in the year. Stores enjoy banking on holiday excitement. The three months of October, November, and December are called the “golden quarter”. It’s the time period stores hope and expect to make the most money.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 40 percent of holiday or Christmas shopping begins before Halloween. A poll from Prosper Insights & Analytics shows 41 percent of people will wait until at least November before they start buying.

But, in an election year, one thing you won’t see early is a overabundance of TV advertisements for holiday gifts. With so many political ads on air, the NRF says retailers will wait to roll out their holiday spots until after November 8th.

And – while the phenomenon is known as “Christmas” creep- it actually happens with many other holidays.

Expect to see Valentine’s Day related decorations and gifts start popping up in stores, once the Christmas items are moved to clearance.