TAMPA -- With $700 million on the line for tonight's Powerball jackpot drawing, people are using all sorts of strategies to try to cash it.

We ran into people playing birthdates and anniversaries.

We also ran into people who just leave it up to the "lottery Gods" to choose the numbers at random using "quick pick".

Are there secrets to winning the Powerball?

When we spoke with a professor at Hillsborough Community College about the odds, he told us even he will probably purchase one or two tickets.

Just enough to keep the dream alive, he joked.

And what would his strategy be? Well, it turns out he would either let the computer pick the numbers randomly, or, play the numbers that have statistically come up the most often for one reason or another.

Hang on a second! Someone keeps track of which lottery numbers actually have come in most often?


Want to know what they are?

Tune in tonight at 5 PM and we will have them for you.

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