You might have seen the headline or heard on the radio of a “new” radar gun that can catch people who text while driving.

First off, 10News verified from the Virginia based company called ComSonics that it’s not new. They had been working on this device since 2014.

We found this story on iHeartRadio that the company is “closing in” on production of their device.

However, we also verified from ComSonics that they have discontinued the product but didn’t comment on the reason.

The “Sniffer Sleuth II” was designed not only monitors a driver’s speed, but will also be capable of detecting whether someone is texting and driving.

The radar gun catches texting drivers by picking up radio frequencies that cell phones give off when someone sends a message.

It’s unclear how a police officer would be able to tell the difference if a passenger is texting or the driver.

This company has worked with law enforcement in the past by providing electronic speed calibration equipment such as radar guns and other devices.

With new technology coming out every day, our Shannon Valladolid spoke with local law enforcement who say paying for a device that can let them know who is using their phone is not worth taxpayer money. Instead, they call for State lawmakers to implement stricter rules

10 Investigates has been covering Florida’s limited ban on texting while driving.

Florida's texting law is considered a "secondary law."

A secondary law refers to the fact that an officer can only pull you over and issue a ticket if the officer has witnessed some other violation for example, you ran a stop light while texting.

Many other states in the U.S. have prohibited drivers from texting.

What do you think? Do we need a device to monitor people who text while driving?


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