Pasco sheriff's deputies have identified a body found in 2009 as George Levine, and they hoping people will come forward and help determine who killed him.

At a news conference today, Sheriff Chris Nocco related how a USF pathologist was able to work with the victim's skulll to create a biological profile and create a facial picture. A partial fingerprint was also used to confirm Levine's identity.

Levine would have been 83 this year. Nocco said Levine, who lived in New Port Richey, apparently had a history of mental problems, but did not have a violent history, Nocco said. Levine was an indigent at the time of his death.

His remains were found in the woods near the USA Flea Market in Port Richey on Nov. 20, 2009. Subsequent investigation revealed that he had been murdered and burned.

Nocco said he hopes now that Levine's body has been identified, those who knew him or came into contact with him will come forward and offer tips that might lead to his killer.

George Levine