POLK COUNTY, Fla. -- The owners of a Winter Haven restaurant were the victims of a terrifying attack when a temporary employee began swinging a meat cleaver at them during an argument in the kitchen.

China Park owners, Zheng Shan, 44, and Jia Dong, 44, suffered multiple cuts when a temporary employee, Zhong Huang, 28, is seen in surveillance video grabbing the cleaver and attacked Dong. Shan stepped in and was also injured

According to the Winter Haven Police Department, the argument began at the restaurant located at 7120 Cypress Gardens Blvd around 9:28 p.m.Tuesday when Huang refused to give Shan and Dong identification after they asked him to become a permanent employee.

Zhong Huang

The argument escalated as Shan and Dong plead for Huang to leave the restaurant. The owners threatened to call the police and that is when Huang picked up the blade and struck Dong in the neck.

WHPD said that Huang shouted that he would kill the both of them as Shan ran to protect Dong. Shan was hit in the hand when she tried to wrest the cleaver away. Huang then allegedly pinned her to the wall but relented in his attack, dropped the cleaver but said again that he would kill them if they called the police.

Huang then fled through the front door but did not go far as police found him near the back door of the restaurant. He was arrested without incident and is facing two felony charges of attempted murder.

Paramedics treated Shan and Dong at the scene but neither were seriously hurt in the attack.