Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has released surveillance and dashcam video of the deputy-involved shooting after a man shot his neighbor and shot at a deputy in unincorporated St. Petersburg on Tuesday.

The surveillance video released Thursday shows the suspect, 65-year-old Larry Dennis Hoad, brandishing a 9mm handgun.

Hoad fired multiple shots at his neighbor, 30-year-old Shawn Smith, who lived in the same triplex. Smith was found at his residence suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and was transported to Bayfront Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

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Deputies determined that Hoad then went to a neighboring residence at 4813 46th Ave. N. and fired multiple rounds into the neighbor's house and unoccupied vehicle. The homeowner, 73-year-old David Foreman, was inside the residence at the time and was uninjured.

The investigation also revealed that Hoad fired multiple rounds at 69-year-old Allen R. Cameron, who was painting at 4809 46th Ave. N. Cameron fled and was uninjured.

Sgt. Matthew McLane arrived and encountered Hoad, who fired at him. McLane returned fire, striking Hoad in the arm and torso.

McLane was not injured in the exchange of gunfire, but two rounds went into his patrol vehicle. The 38-year-old deputy joined the force in 2004. He was placed on routine paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

At Thursday's news conference, Gualtieri credited Deputy Jeff Nelson for his quick thinking and heroic efforts that kept Smith alive until paramedics arrived.

"Deputy Nelson took off his uniform shirt, bulletproof vest and t-shirt. He took his t-shirt and stuffed it into Smith's chest and was able to stop the blood flow. Because of that, he [Smith] did not bleed out at the scene," said Gualtieri.

As of Thursday, both Smith and Hoad were in critical condition at Bayfront Medical Center.