A cyclist was hit by a car during a bike ride in Williamson County.

Greg Goodman and Tyler Noe were biking along the Natchez Trace when the incident occurred, but it was all caught on camera.

The SUV smashed into the back of Noe’s bike and sent him sprawling on to the pavement, while the driver sped away without stopping.

“This happened eight miles south of the bridge at Highway 96,” said Greg Goodman, “It was Tyler’s first day to ride a bike since he was a kid. On the Natchez Trace, you’re allowed to ride in the lane. There’s signage we are allowed to rise in the lane no just the shoulder.”

While the circumstances of the collision are unclear, Goodman believes it wasn’t an accident.

“He decided to hit Tyler. And Tyler just got sent home. He’s going to be OK, and he’s banged up pretty bad.”

The Natchez Trace Parkway is administered by the National Park Service, which would be responsible for investigating the crash.

“Unfortunately, it’s in the federal jurisdiction because it’s on federal land,” Goodman said. “The feds are meeting with me in the morning.

As for Noe, “he looks awful, but he is going to be OK,” Goodman said.