PAYSON, Ariz. - A video uploaded on YouTube showed a 1-year-old, shocked and shaking as she was rescued from the mid-July flash flood that took the lives of 10 of her family members.

It was like something out of a war zone. The video showed Marina Garcia -- her face muddied by the debris-filled flash flood waters she, her mother, father and brother managed to escape.

The same flash flood took the lives of her grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins near the Cold Springs swimming hole north of Payson.

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Marina’s dad was seen in the video holding on to his daughter with one hand and to a tree branch with the other -- until rescue crews managed to pull both of them to safe ground.

Tuesday, the day their relatives were laid to rest, Marina’s 8-year-old brother, Asis Raiden Garcia Baker, said he felt lucky to be alive.

“I just feel lucky because I mean I survived one of the many things that you can’t escape,” Asis said.

Asis thanked a stranger named Kelly who stayed by his side, saying he was, “happy that [they] found Kelly.”

Asis’s mom, Latasha Baker, was doing her best to help her son heal.

“At that age, how can you really know how you’re expected to react,” Baker said.

The water and debris raged on that tragic July 15, showing no mercy as lives so young witnessed a reality too difficult for even adults to comprehend.

Baker said Tuesday night, Asis had an emotional reunion with the man who helped him and Wednesday morning he was able to reunite with the medical workers who treated him at the hospital after the flash flood.