CORNWALL, ENGLAND -- It's a mistake anyone could make, but a U.K. man is getting worldwide attention for surveillance video of him accidentally tipping over display televisions at his local electronics store.

A customer browsing at the HBH Woolacotts store in St. Austell, Cornwall, U.K. got too close to the merchandise and caused over $6,000 worth of damage after knocking over four screens positioned at the front of the store on September 26.

HBH Woolacotts posted video of the calamitous destruction on YouTube and Twitter.

In the video, a man walks away from a display case over to two Samsung and two Panasonic televisions set up opposite of each other near the store entrance.

He peers over at one set and touches the screen. The precariously perched set starts to tip like a domino into another television causing the man to realize his mistake and back into two other screens to his rear. They come down crashing too.

A customer who knocked over four brand new televisions realizes the gravity of his mistake.

The chain reaction crash is unavoidable at this point so the customer throws his hands up in "surrender cobra" fashion as store employee comes over to help.

According to The Sun UK, the assistant manager of the store Mike Collins said store staff were "devastated" but and he was shocked to see the CCTV footage of the accident.

"I had been on a day off but came back and watched the footage. My manager just said ' you will never guess what has happened,' Collins told The Sun.