NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- What would you do if you found an envelope filled with cash while in the bathroom of a grocery store?

Eighteen-year-old Hunter Martin had to face this situation.

Martin works at a grocery store in Norfolk. While at work, Martin says he found an envelope with $1,700 inside.

"It went through my mind like anybody would, should I take it, should I turn it in," said Martin.

Martin says that mental battle didn't last long.

"My better judgment, I decided to turn it in ... it was the way I was raised, and it wasn't my money to take and it was just the right thing to do," said Martin.

Martin says not even a day later, a person called the store to report the lost money. That person, in return rewarded Martin with $100.

Martin says his first thought was to donate it to his church.