ORLANDO -- Video is out of Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala being pulled over. And when officers realized who she was, one of them explained the stop.

The stop happened back on June 19 at 8:15pm.

When Ayala told the two officers that she was the state attorney, one officer explained, 'Thank you, your tag didn't come back, never seen that before, but we're good now.”

When asked by Ayala why they ran her tags, the officer explained that they run tags all the time to see if vehicles are stolen.

Ayala, the state's first African-American state attorney, was in the news recently for not pursuing the death penalty in violent felony cases. She's received racially charged insults, and in April, the Tampa Bay Times reported she received a noose in the mail in April.

Ayala got national attention earlier this year when she refused to pursue the death penalty in Markeith Loyd’s case. Loyd is accused of fatally shooting his pregnant girlfriend and an Orlando police officer.

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