SARASOTA, Fla. - Fake flower businesses are trying to take your money and credit card information and deliver nothing!

The businesses even seem legit online.

“This is a week of controlled chaos,” says Dion Roberts, director of sales and marketing for Beneva Flowers.

“We have thousands of orders coming in short period of time … 40-50 vans running orders 8 am to 7 pm,” says Flowers.

And by the end of the week Beneva flowers designers will use “40- to 80,000 flowers in a week.”

Roberts says about half the orders will be from out of the area: "From New York, Washington, Hawaii and around the world.”

But if it’s you making the call out of state to order flowers, how do you know it’s a trusted florist like Beneva Flowers?

Roberts says when you get to the site they usually have a logo, a 1-800 number, local number, support area and log in. Check the address is the store location.

Roberts says start by Googling the address and make sure there is a storefront. He also says to look for Google reviews. Roberts say these are known as trusted reviews.

And check that the business is “Shopper Approved," so "you know it’s real customers … real clients, real people, not a fraudulent person” leaving the reviews, explains Roberts.

If you don't see reviews, call them.

“When you call, ask where is the building ... if they say it’s 'in the area,' you may not want to trust them,” says Roberts.

Check their selection of arrangements. Roberts says.

“If you see a small selection at a high price, you’re probably going into a scam with that one.”

Still not feeling comfortable? Roberts says you can always call a local florist you trust for an out-of-state order.

“We have trusted florists across the country (that we) use regular basis, taking the guesswork and concern out.”

And you may get a florist like Gemma Lewis designing your arrangement.

“My mom isn’t here anymore, so I make other moms happy,” she says.