A BBC News interview is getting the attention it deserves after the guest expert is video bombed by his two children during a Skype interview.

Watch the video for yourself and see how working from home can have its downsides. Major kudos to the interviewee, Robert E Kelly, for keeping it together as his two adorable kids appear in the frame.

Professor Kelly appeared on BBC World News to talk about the ongoing situation in South Korea, where President Park Geun-hye was impeached.

Kelly keeps his cool as he attempts to shoo away his daughter. But the fun didn't stop there as Kelly's toddler rolls into the shot in a walker. Kelly's wife then rushes in to grab the kids and pull them away from dad's work, but by then it was too late. The interviewee smiled and apologized to the host and continued the interview.

Congrats to the Kelly family for showing us how modern families work and live.