SAN JOSE, Calif. (CBS SF) — A test of fire-suppression foam by a company near San Jose Mineta International Airport went awry, filling nearby streets with the white substance, according to Santa Clara Police.

The thick white foam which resembled snow, came from Signature Flight Support, a business located right next to the airport at 323 Martin Avenue near the San Jose-Santa Clara border. Police said the company was testing its emergency fire suppression system and something went wrong.

Video shot by Chopper 5 showed that the foam had spilled out of entrances on both ends of the Signature Flight Support building and out of the vents in the side of the building facing Martin Street. The foam was so thick that it was deep enough to cover some cars on the street and rose almost to the height of a stop sign in one spot.

Crews are waiting for the foam to dissipate, but that is expected to take a while given the magnitude of the spill, the chief said.

People in the area could be seen taking selfies with the foam. A few people actually rode their bicycles through the foam on the street, emerging on the other side of the foam bank covered in the substance.

The company said the foam isn’t toxic. Police said they planned to simply let it dissipate rather than using water to try to wash it into street drains.

No injuries have been reported.