A woman chatting online with her followers got quite a shock when a fireball blasted through the sky behind her.

"With some .. did you guys see that," says Dale Demi19 in a viral video on April 10.

The event was reported to the American Meteor Society by people who saw it in Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, according to The Washington Post. About a dozen said they also heard a boom. Landfall likely was between Escondido and Bonsall, Calif., based on its path.

"I just saw the light flashing by quickly in my computer screen while I was broadcasting live on a site I'm partnered with. I thought it was coming towards me, and when I turned around I realized it was going across.

"There was no sound no shaking of the ground. I was in my backyard with my viewers for the sunset, I decided to stay on a little bit longer and I guess the right place at the right time," she said.

"The only thing I thought was it was coming directing at me, haha I didn't know what I thought it was. I was trying to  rationalize my panic. Definitely figure meteor after I watched it back a few times."