MARATHON, Fla. -- A Rhode Island man is jailed after the county sheriff said he got drunk and then stole a forklift, and told deputies he "was a genius."

About 9 p.m., the Monroe County Sheriff's Office got a call that someone was using a forklift to break down the fence at Marina Junction in Marathon.

Deputy George Zakariadze saw the broken entrance to the marina broken. The reporting person was there and said he’d seen a white male with blue shorts, tank top and flip flops breaking out of the marina driving a forklift.. He said he saw the forklift heading toward the Sandal Factory on Ocean Terrace.

Sgt. Juan Martin-Reyes radioed that he had the person on the forklift detained near 51st Street.

Edward Quinton, 44, of Greenwich, Rhode Island, told the officers he was in the Keys helping friends to move here. He said he lost the keys to his car and needed something to drive, and took the forklift because he knew how to drive one.

When the officers asked about the damage to the marina gates, Quinton said it was OK. He said he would be able to fix the gates because he “was a genius”.

Quinton appeared to be intoxicated; he was given a breathalyzer test and blood alcohol level tested at more than twice the legal limit. He was charged with DUI with property damage, criminal mischief, burglary and grand theft. He was booked into jail.flo