GRANTVILLE, Ga. (WXIA) -- The Georgia town featured in the hit series The Walking Dead now belongs to a Florida marketing company.

The town sold for the asking price of $680,000.The sale of the nine buildings in downtown Grantville gained attention after former mayor Jim Sells posted it on Ebay. Sells bought the properties out of foreclosure during the recession. But now, he's ready to hand over the keys to someone with more experience owning commercial property.

"The hard work has been done," Sells told 11Alive , referring to renovations. "We're looking for somebody to put it all into action."

Sells confirmed the sale to 11Alive, but it didn't happen during the Ebay auction. That closed Friday afternoon with several people watching, but no one bidding.

Sells said he was under contract with a Florida marketing company, but could not yet reveal the company's name. He said they're currently in the due diligence phase of the sale, which will last fourteen days. The closing shold happen sometime next month.