PHOENIX - The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently released its annual "Hot Wheels" report, which identifies the 10 most stolen vehicles in the U.S. in 2016.

The list is below with the total number of thefts for each model in 2016.

1: Honda Accord - 50,427
2: Honda Civic - 49,547
3: Ford Pickup (Full Size) - 32,721
4: Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)- 31,238
5: Toyota Camry - 16,732
6: Nissan Altima - 12,221
7: Dodge Pickup (Full Size)- 12,128
8: Toyota Corolla - 11,989
9: Chevrolet Impala- 9,749
10: Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee- 9,245

Back on July 9, a Valley resident, Mike Knowles, had his Ford F-350 truck stolen right out of his own driveway by a group of five people. Everything was captured on surveillance video and the truck was found days later by Phoenix police abandoned in a parking lot.

AAA Arizona encourages people to take a variety of measures to keep your car safe.

"Make sure your car is always locked and make sure it's empty of anything valuable that would make someone want to break in," said Michelle Donati-Grayman, AAA Arizona. "Also, everyone should have their VIN number etched onto all the windows in their cars."

When it comes to parking, make sure your car is in a visible location and well lit.

"We all fight over the shade here in Arizona, but don't park on the side of a building or somewhere hidden from sight," said Donati-Grayman.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends you never leave your keys or key fob in your car. According to NICB research, cars with keys left inside were stolen more than 57,000 times in 2015.

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